Since young, he loves to paint and draw, daydreaming of what he sees as if he has built in augmented vision overlay with his imagination. Things go wild all day long.


He started creating stories by drawing his own comic when he was ten. He shared his passion with friends and developed strong illustration skills over the years. Fascinated with the 3D technology that gives life to animated objects and fantasy world, he pursues his career in digital animation & game design.


Started out as video game artist who loves to build lively 3D characters and immersive world and moving to serious games and then Augmented Reality apps and 3D applications for exhibition. During the journey, he stepped into academics to explore latest technology and sharing his knowledge with students and faculty members in the technology & design university.


He has huge interest in architecture as for how people live and interact with the structural space and now he works in one of the most magnificent building in the world, the Marina Bay Sands. He joined the casino industry and developed the world first in-house casino e-training and way finder Kiosk application for Sands Corporation.


He continues to explore and expand his vision of technology & design in both physical & digital world.


Email for Interactive Demo:


Personal project exploring  Oculus touch controller input.  Project uses environment assets from République Tech Demo & interaction designed in visual scripting


A watch concept timeline allows user to scroll through my journey.


Series of interactives concept feauturing VR, 3D scanning & gesture inputs with Leap Motion device.

console games/ MMO GAMES

- Developed & shipped 2 Nintendo WiiWare titles

- Pioneer team to develop world first non fiction Online multilayer game

serious games/ iOS APPS

- Designed iOS AR apps for museums and exhibitions

- Developed English learning Online game

 academics research & workshop

- Conducted series of digital design workshop for students & faculty

- Assist & consult researcher on visualization & simulations in virtual reality


- Developed 3D training courses for advance skill assessment

casino gaming

- Designed table games layout, promotional materials, product visualization & simulations

- Managing artworks with vendors to deliver printing products

kiosk interactive

- Designed casino way finder for patrons to find favorite games with dynamic data & positioning

- Developed kiosk games for marketing & promotional events